Five Custom Services For Small/Start-Up Company

Baco Engineering not only sells listed products, we also provide Below Spare Parts and OEM services.
A. LOGO and Customized Design On Package And Products.
B. Fast, Competitive And Accurate Quotes By Senior Sales Engineer
C. Custom Products And Parts. Low Pricing On Low Volume Runs
D. A Complete List Of Spare Parts Always In Stock
E. Flexible Logistic Support From Single Package To Full Container.

LOGO And Customized Design On Package And Products

Our Service:
  • Stick your logo label/Laser-Print on the product. You can choose the position as long as it’s possible;
  • Print your product brochure or leaflet with your logo;
  • Design and product graphic cartons with your logo;

Our Charges:

For an order value that is less than $ 500, we charge a service fee of $ 20. For projects that are valued at greater than $ 500, this service charge is waived.

All you have to do is send your design in a jpg file to our e-mail address. We can take care of all the remaining details, while keeping you regularly updated.

Fast, Competitive And Accurate Quotes By Senior Sales Engineer

Fast, Competitive And Accurate Quotes By Senior Sales Engineer

Free Quote

Here is the procedure to follow in order to get a blanket quote. Simply download the catalog from our website and let us know about the model you are interested in. Or get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We will give you a blanket quote based on your needs.

BACO addresses the critical needs of Custom Products buyers by:

  • Delivering the most competitive quotes in the industry, in one day
  • Creating accurate quotes by senior sales engineer, allowing customers to run quotes for budgets planning during any phase of the project

Custom Products&Parts, Low Pricing On Low Volume Runs

Custom Products&Parts, Low Pricing On Low Volume Runs

Giving customers a project manager, working one-on-one with you to manage the progress of your order, making sure the parts arrive in your hands just as you expect them. Ensuring that parts will be right the first time with advanced post-processing technologies and rigorous Quality Control procedures

Our team specializes in making parts in many different types of steel: mild steel, tool steel, stainless steel, pre hard steel, hot roll and cold roll steel, and aluminum of many different grades, also copper, brass, bronze, plastic and phenolic.

Custom Parts:

You have probably found that when you want a small quantity of custom parts that it is either very expensive or very difficult to find machine shops that even want to do small quantity. You do not always want 1000's of parts and trying to get a product produced in small quantity when either trying the market or on a limited budget start-up can be a nightmare. So you can get custom parts in our factory, where we will take your part and whatever quantity you require and get a quote for you.

Baco Engineering machines prototype parts using CNC equipment and the actual production tooling. This allows us to make the production run parts look exactly like the prototype part. Our craftsman will review all the features and will offer cost saving ideas when possible. We can also assist you in the design of prototype parts, to simplify production.

Baco Engineering uses state of the art CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers loaded with a complete selection of tooling for fast efficient changeovers on short or long runs, to ensure you get unmatched on-time deliveries - every time. Baco Engineering ensures high quality precision shafts and turned parts by using CNC turning equipment with live tooling that allows less handling of the parts. Robotic inspection measures multiple diameters to 10 millionths accuracy and communicates with the machine tool to insure conformability.

CNC-Vertical-Machining-Center  CNC-Lathes

Custom Products:

Customized products can also be produced for the client under the following circumstances:

  1. If you require a product that is similar to one in our catalog but differs in terms of voltage/frequency/type of plug.
  2. You require a completely new product that is not found in our catalog at all.

After Receiving Your Order, You may found something need to be adjusted.

For example

1).Valve (motorized ball valve, solenoid valve): color, cable length;

2).Submersible deep well pump: oil cylinder material (iron, brass), outlet size (1 1/4’’, 1 1/2’’, 2’’), cable length;

3).Circulation pump: outlet size (3/4’’, 1’’, 1 1/2’’, 1 1/4’’, 2’’), cable length, color (red, green)

A Complete List Of Spare Parts Always In Stock

A Complete List Of Spare Parts Always In Stock.


Main products: crank pulley, adapter plate, supercharger kits, inlet, motor shafts, sleeves, shifter/lever, oil cooler cap/tube, spacer plate, fuel rail, mounts, tensioner brackets, clamps, locating blocks, bushings, locating pins, rollers, shafts, special bolts, nuts, extension rods, cams, and gauging pins.

Crank Pulley — All custom pulleys are CNC turned, milled and balanced based on computer generated designs. Up to 80% lighter weight than stock steel and up to 10% lighter than other aftermarket pulleys, these lightweight pulleys give you quicker throttle response as well as more horsepower and torque. Decreasing rotating mass results in improved performance all while dressing up the engine compartment.

Adapter Plate — We can make any custom adapter plate and spacers according to your designs. In addition, we own precision CNC machines that allows us to digitally trace the exact shape of any three dimensional object so that it can be manufactured and remanufactured in a cookie cutter fashion. This equipment has accuracies better than two thousandths of an inch. We can supply custom aerospace grade aluminum adapter plates and spacers for almost all vehicles makes and models.


 Anodized-Crank-Pulley  Adapter-Plate


Main products: idler pulleys, bearing wheel, tensioner pulley, rails, brackets, mounting plates, groove wheels, V roller bearings, eccentric spacers, aluminum hotends, nozzles and bearings for 3D printer and DIY CNC machines industry.

Idler Pulley — This is a double bearing, Delrin, smooth idler wheel. It uses high precision bearings and a precision shim washer. This is perfect for adding an adjustable idler wheel to your system. The idler wheel diameter does not usually need to match your drive pulley diameter. The belt can run a triangle or more complicated path as long as one side is parallel to the axis you are driving.

Roller Bearings — These custom little rollers, but don’t let its diminutive size fool you. The custom roller bearings are super high quality product designed to cope with the vertical carriage needs of desktop delta robots, but their uses are definitely not limited to 3D printing, and certainly not just to delta printers. These groove wheels should work with any application you have that requires a super smooth motion roller to fit variety of extrusion profiles. Made from Delrin engineered black plastic, these ‘v’ rollers are designed to roll in the custom shape slot of the many sizes commercial aluminum extrusions. The stepped shape allows these rollers to fit into the custom shape slot of extrusions with kinds of widths.


Idler-Pulley  Dual-V-Roller-Bearing


Main products: brackets, motor pulleys, gears, functional models, assembly/inspection fixtures, layup tools, clamping arms, fingers, swivel clamps, fixtures, mounting with bearings, motor shaft and mounting plates.

Motor Mount — CNC machined custom Motor Mounts are an important component, act as a base to hold engines/motors and to position them at the right location. This is a very strong solution to locate the engine and keep it from torqueing. For example, mounts support the weight of the engine and motors during handling and must withstand significant vibrations during operation. CNC machined engine mounts and motor mounts are from aerospace grade aluminum or other solid stock metals, and are significantly stronger than the factory cast metal pieces. We manufacture custom brackets according to customer drawings or samples.

Motor Pulley — All our custom motor pulleys are manufactured by casting and machining in CNC Lathes. They are designed for power transmission, and are widely used in DC or AC electrical motor. The CNC precision machining (turning and milling) could be based on solid metal bar or casted parts. The surfaces are anti-rust protection, such as anodizing, powder coating, black oxide and etc.


Motor-Mount  Motor-Pulley


Main products: Shafts, layup tools, precision tubes, enclosure boxes, lock pins, bushings, bearing covers, fittings, special bolts and nuts, lock collars, tension sleeves, for the machines in Network, Food, Military, Paper, Security and Oil industries.

Motor Shaft — Baco Engineering specializes in CNC turning to produce parts such as axles, motor shafts, transmission Shafts, such as input shafts, sun shafts, main shafts or adapter shafts. All motor shafts are custom made according to customers’ drawing or samples. At Baco Engineering, superior quality raw materials are procured in our manufacturing unit to manufacture custom motor shafts of premium quality according to our customer designs. After coming out of the manufacturing unit, our custom motor shafts pass through vigorous tests and verifications for metals durability, product reliability, products performance, dimensional accuracy and precision.

Swivel Joint — Swivel joints custom produced by Baco Engineering can be fitted to rigid pipework, articulated loading arms or flexible hoses. Full 360-degree rotation is possible with product under pressure and at full flow with no leakage. Our swivel joint is a robust unit that can be easily serviced. All custom swivel joints are designed by our customers and manufactured in our house using the latest 3D CAD and CNC machining centers.


Motor-Shaft  Swivel-Joint


Flexible Logistic Support From Single Package To Full Container

Flexible Logistic Support From Single Package To Full Container

Logistic Support

Flexible Shipping Terms:

  • EXW (Ex Work);
  • FOB (Free on Board);
  • CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight);
  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid);

Flexible Shipping Method:

  • By Sea, By Air, By Express
  • By customer’s agent, by BACO agent

Flexible Package:

  • Cartons, Pallet, wooden case;

Local Warehouse Service:

  • Our US Warehouse in USA take charge of Deliver and Return Service all over North America.
  • Our UK Warehouse in Britain take charge of Deliver and Return Service all over Europe.

Testimonies From Our Loyal Customers

Testimonies From Our Loyal Customers

“When I started looking for solenoid valve suppliers from China, it quickly became apparent that I had too many choices but not knowing which one to work with. After checking with my sales director and looking into more than 10 suppliers from China, we decided to buy some samples from 3 suppliers. The products from the first supplier were OK, but the price was a little high after negotiation. The second products looked well but one was defective when we tried them. Just when we were losing hope we received the last products. They looked nice, and they functioned well. Then we had a thorough negotiation on the amount, the color and the package. We were satisfied. Both of us were. Several days after we made the order, we wanted to change the color of 20pcs into blue. We asked whether they could do this. Fortunately, we worked this out. By the way, the shipment was incredible. They were very careful with our products. The packages were thick and tight. We were worried that some items might become damaged during delivery (this happens and we both have nothing to do about it), so in our order, there were 10pcs spare items, just in case. When we received all of them, none was broken. After this, we continued our cooperation till now. This is a trustworthy company and provides good products and nice services.”

Mike Thomason on July 17, 2008

“Dear Sirs,I am, by profession, a sourcing manager. Over the courses of a twenty-plus year career, I have had to contact literally a thousand or more suppliers. NEVER have I had such a thoroughly GOOD experience as I had when contacting you. We provide characteristic products to our customers. They are very picky and perfection is what they pursue. Sometimes, to accomplish the requirements, I have to contact several suppliers to finish different tasks. The cooperation with BACO was wonderful, as I have mentioned above. The one-package-service really saved me a lot of trouble. I didn’t have to worry much about anything. They kept me updated in a timely manner, so I didn’t have to ask them constantly, like ‘what’s going on’, ‘when will it be done?’ etc. I was satisfied and impressed by their professionalism, both on the products and the services. BACO is a very good supplier.  I highly recommend it.”

Alice Chang on May 5, 2010

"Initially, we made the mistake of working with a very small company that in the end couldn’t deliver the value behind our brand, costing us time and money. My company then decided to seek a company who could handle all our needs from producing to shipping. After a long time comparing, we chose BACO and they didn’t disappoint us. Quality is what we value the most, because we believe good quality is the root of surviving and good service makes it thriving. After we received sample products, we ran many tests on them to insure 100% perfect quality. Their performance was astonishing, so astonishing that we ordered without hesitation. The final results also turned out satisfying. In that year alone, we made ten orders. In the end, I’d like to delivery my sincere gratitude to BACO for being so professioal."

Christopher Pratt on October 23rd, 2011

"We have been a BACO customer for three years, and we’re writing to say how delighted we are with the booster pumps you provided. Earlier last year we spent two months researching water booster pump providers. In the very beginning, we doubted if you can make 300pcs within a month. Eventually, we received all the products we ordered one week ahead of time. We were really happy about this. The booster pumps were great. Most of them were installed in upper-floor apartments, which were a great help in household water supply. What made me a happy customer was not only because of their products and fast manufacturing, but also the nice and thorough after-sale services they provided to us. They were really patient and kind answering different questions we met during installing, usage, etc. I’ve already recommended this company to my close friends. Now, I recommend it to you."

Brad Wilson on August 8th 2013